Fourstep - The Vale EP

И вот музыка, доносящаяся с той стороны…

Fourstep is Kolya Shundeev from the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk. A new Foufstep EP, entitled "Vale," has just been published by the St Petersburg Subwise label. It comes with a few particularly lyrical lines from that so-called Northern Capital. In translation they read: "So there is the mist, emerging at dawn. It covers the vale, filling it to the brim with memories of distant lands. Of places abandoned long ago - if not forever. There are the leaves, like postcards and letters, scattered in all direction. And here is some music, reaching us from the other side..."

"Вот туман, приходящий на рассвете, который разносится по всей долине, наполняя ее до краев воспоминанием о далеких краях, покинутых надолго, если не навсегда. Вот листья, похожие на письма и открытки, разосланные во все концы. И вот музыка, доносящаяся с той стороны…"