FMSAO - with Some Help from Milan

The four letters of FMSAO refer back to the southern city of Krasnodar and, more specifically, the founders of Fuselab, one of Russia's most important electronic labels. This brand-new live set includes Lorenzo Senni from Milan, who describes his own work or contribution here (in the third person) as "a deconstruction of sound and rave culture from the 1990s. Senni carefully analyzes its constituent parts for reuse in a very different context. Repetition and isolation become the key concepts."

To a large degree the same could be said of FMSAO, whose trademark sound builds upon recent Russian tape culture and an aesthetic of wistful demise. 

"Своеобразная звуковая скульптура, создающаяся в реальном времени, приобретающая формы и изгибы содержания в зависимости от окружающей обстановки, людей и вообще любых внешних и наших внутренних вибраций в данном месте, в данный момент времени." 

...a deconstruction of sound and rave culture from the 1990s