Mr.KiD: "Cold Star"

The city of Surgut - if one glances fleetingly at a map - gives the general impression of lying at Russia's center. Founded as a military output in the Sixteenth Century, it is now home to more than 300 thousand Siberians. One of them is Kirill Panov, known in his creative moments as Mr.KiD. A new album from this established beat-maker is supposedly half of a diptych; the second half will come soon. It transpires after a long hiatus, with the last fully-fledged LP being several years old. Over that same protracted period, Panov has got married and has now returned to the nostalgic, American jazz samples for which he was locally famous.

The spirit of retrospection has much appeal, even in distant Moscow. A fan immediately writes: "Kirill, thank you so much. You're an endlessly talented musician. Can you please tell me more about the vocal samples you use? And do you plan any concerts in Moscow?" Everybody wants nostalgia to be more specific; they'd like reverie to become reality. 

Кирилл Панов: "Рад представить Вашему вниманию новый релиз Cold Star. Спасибо Всем, кто верил и ждал. Приятного прослушивания!" Фанат московский сразу реагирует: "Кирилл, спасибо. Вы бесконечно талантливый музыкант. Подскажите пожалуйста, чей голос звучит в треке But I've Still Got the Blues for You и планируете концерты в Москве? Удачи!"